Cult Recovery

Trauma recovery after involvement with cultic spiritual groups and coercive control.

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If you have been involved in a group that aimed to:

  • Cut off your relationships
  • Focus most of your attention on one set of activities
  • Promise a view of spirituality or well-being that was exclusive to the direction of one person or a small group of people

  • Defer power and personal decisions to the preferences of a leader

  • Publicly shame its members

  • Denigrate other methods of self-care

. . . then you have likely gone through a very common, yet rarely spoken-about experience of cultic coercive control. Our experiences in these groups are all unique, but, it turns out, have common elements that generations of experts have begun to document, research, and de-mystify.

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As a former member myself, I highly value the opportunity to act as a companion to clients who are working through the impact of these experiences, and helping them to heal and uncover the person they really are outside of that abusive context.

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Cult Recovery Services