from competence to expertise to mastery

Life’s daily work extends from competence to expertise to mastery. Mastery is when we barely think at all, yet everything is well done.

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Building a Bright Future

Career Optimization

focusing on the career in therapy

As a corporate recruiter and executive consultant for the last 10 years, and now as a licensed therapist with training in career counseling, I’d love to assist you in your career development.

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work that satisfies

In order to grow personally, we have to do work that satisfies. Work satisfaction may simply come from the income the work generates, it may come from the people we work with, it may come from the excitement of a challenge or the contentment of completing tasks. In therapy we will be addressing the ways in which your work and career do or do not satisfy, and how that may affect your inner and interpersonal growth.

My own career path has blessed me with a unique set of tools to help optimize my clients’ work lives, spanning from the work of career counseling, which allows us to mine the deeper motivations and interests behind career decisions, to career consulting, where we draw from the practical industry experience I have accumulated as a career coach, executive recruiter, and corporate leader, supporting clients as they level-up towards a more refined success and satisfaction in their chosen field of work.

consultation expertise

  • Career direction

  • Career growth and expansion

  • Job search optimization
  • Interview preparation
  • New graduate career exploration
  • Industry experience:
  • Fast-growth corporate environments
  • Startups (VC and privately funded)
  • Tech Industry

  • Healthcare Industry (corporate, clinical, & healthtech)

  • People/HR/Talent

Ask Yourself

  • Is your career giving you any kind of trouble?
  • Are you looking for ways to advance, or even a new line of work?
  • Are there challenges with managing people, working with your boss, or staying motivated to bring in more business?
  • Are you having difficulty defining and/or following a course towards a more satisfying work life?

These are areas where we can partner in sessions to help you expand your career to a level of satisfaction beyond what you have yet conceived.