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Stephen Therapist psychotherapy & consulting

Psychotherapy & Consulting

for individuals, couples, professionals

“Whoever looks outside, dreams. Whoever looks within, awakens.”

– Carl Jung


We provide therapy services for Adults and Couples, based primarily in Jungian Psychotherapy and Mindfulness practices.

In-Person and Telehealth video sessions available

Therapy Red Line Semilong therapy services

We help with

  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression

  • Life Transitions
  • Trauma & Grief

  • Work & Career Issues
  • Marriage & Parenting

Career Consulting

With over 10 years as a career coach, executive recruiter, and corporate leader, I also work with professionals in therapy sessions to overcome career obstacles. Through both a psychological and a practical/industrial lens, we work to level you up into a more refined success and satisfaction in your chosen field of work. Learn More >

Therapy Blue Line career consulting

We help with

  • Career Direction
  • Career Growth & Expansion

  • Self-employment & Startups
  • Job Search & Interviewing

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*Please Note: My clinical supervision is conducted by Paul Babb, EdS, ACS, LPC-MHSP through Cypress Counseling Group. Paul and Carla Babb are owners of Cypress Counseling Group, PLLC and through this entity provide the service of supervision through independent contract with each Master’s level counselor. No Master’s level counselor is a member or has interest in the Center.